We currently provide two related software services:

VOSON is a web application built from the ground up for the collection and analysis of hyperlink network data. VOSON allows the user to perform web mining, text analysis, dataset manipulation and visualisation, and social network analysis (SNA) within an integrated environment.

Access to VOSON at voson.uberlink.com requires prior registration to receive login credentials.

There are several ways you can find information on VOSON:

  1. Read the following on different aspects of VOSON:
  2. Read the VOSON Documentation (requires user registration):
  3. Use the VOSON Training Multimedia (requires user registration)
  4. If you haven't used VOSON for a while, or you are wondering why "things look different" please refer to the VOSON 2.0 FAQ page.

VOSON+NodeXL is a plug-in for NodeXL which allows you to access VOSON hyperlink network data collection services from within NodeXL. VOSON+NodeXL requires Windows 7 or Windows XP.

Some new users have reported that they cannot login VOSON+NodeXL. In order to successfully login to VOSON+NodeXL, we suggest that you do the following (steps 1 and 2 should only be required the first time): (1) login to the Uberlink site (http://www.uberlink.com) - and check that you can browse your account page; (2) login to VOSON (web app) - https://voson.uberlink.com (note: you can login with either your username or your email address!) - and check that you can see your account details when you select the Info->User menu item; (3) login to VOSON+NodeXL (make sure you select VOSON@Uberlink as the service provider...also you need to use your username NOT your email address to login). If you still can't login to VOSON+NodeXL (or you can't get past steps 1 and 2), please email us at support@uberlink.com

Installing VOSON+NodeXL: Note that these instructions assume you are using the latest version of NodeXL Excel Template 2014 (version, released 23 January 2014). After user registration (if required), download the necessary DLL file and then follow the instructions for using third-party graph data importers in NodeXL Excel Template 2014. Briefly, these instructions are: (1) save the VOSON+NodeXL DLL file to any folder on your computer (for example you might create a folder NodeXL_plugins in your Documents folder, where you store other NodeXL plugins); (2) In NodeXL, go to NodeXL->Data->Import->Import Options in the Excel ribbon; (3) In the Import Data Options dialog box, use the "Browse" button to select the folder where you saved the VOSON+NodeXL DLL in the "Folder containing third-party graph data importers" box; (4) Close and then re-open NodeXL; (5) In the Excel ribbon, go to NodeXL, Data, Import. You should see "From Web 1.0/Blog Network (via VOSON)" in the Import menu".

Download VOSON+NodeXL (version, released 07 Jul 2012; requires user registration). Note that as of October 2012 version of VOSON+NodeXL is no longer operational. All users should upgrade to install version

There are several ways you can find information on VOSON+NodeXL:

  1. Read the VOSON documentation (see above): a lot of this is relevant to VOSON+NodeXL, especially regarding the operation of the webcrawler
  2. Download the VOSON Data Provider for NodeXL userguide (Requires user registration. Note that the installation instructions in this guide are out of date: see above.)
  3. Use the VOSON+NodeXL Training Multimedia (requires user registration)
  4. Read the VOSON+NodeXL FAQ
  5. If you have just downloaded a new version of VOSON+NodeXL, please refer to the software changes page

For assistance with the subscriber's edition of VOSON or with VOSON+NodeXL, you may contact us at support@uberlink.com (please refer to your account username in your query). If you are using the free version of VOSON, the VOSON Community is here to help!