• Help! I can't login to VOSON+NodeXL!

    If you are having trouble logging into VOSON+NodeXL (e.g. you receive a "you are not authenticated" message), the first thing to remember is that you need to login with your username, not your email address. If that still doesn't work please follow these steps:
    1. Login to the Uberlink website (http://www.uberlink.com). Note: you can use either your username or your email address to login to the Uberlink website. If you can do this, then...
    2. Login to VOSON (https://voson.uberlink.com) and check that you can see your username in the window when you select Info->User menu item. Note: you can login to VOSON with either your username or your email address. If you can do this, then...
    3. Login to VOSON+NodeXL. Remember to login with your username, and to select VOSON@Uberlink as your data provider.

    If you are still having problems, please contact us at support@uberlink.com

  • If I try to add a seed site to the tutorial database I get an unhandled exception error that starts:
    "Undefined subroutine &vosondata2::die_r called at /var/www/cgi‑bin/nodexl_voson_spigot/MyApache2/testvoson2.pm line 543."

    You can only add seed sites to databases that are in your project. The tutorial database is in the "tutorial" project, and so you cannot add seed sites to it.

    Future versions of VOSON will handle this exception more gracefully . In the meantime, if you would like to add seed sites to be crawled, you will need to first create your own voson database.

  • I am getting a timeout error and no data is returned.

    It is not currently possible to use VOSON+NodeXL to collect and import massive networks. It can accommodate networks up to c. 9000 nodes, but for networks greater than this a timeout error will usually occur.

    We are working to extend the functionality of VOSON in this direction. In the meantime, if you have problems with timeouts you can either:

    1. use VOSON (https://voson.uberlink.com) to manually create a subnetwork as VOSON can handle larger networks with no problem. For example, you can construct a network with just the seeds, and then import the result into NodeXL;
    2. use VOSON to export the entire network in GraphML format, which you can then import into NodeXL.