Announcing removal of inbound hyperlink collection ability for Free tier users after January 1, 2017

10 years ago, VOSON became publicly available for academics and students as a free web application. In order to invest in updates and performance improvements, Uberlink established the Professional and Premium Tiers, with flexible plans to cover diverse web crawling usage. The Free Tier remained as an option for users to test the software.

Unfortunately, some free-riding behavior has required us to limit the functionalities of the Free Tier of VOSON. In that regard, after January 1, 2017 Uberlink will remove the ability to collect inbound links, as that action consumes data from an external provider.

On the other hand, we have a variety of plans to suit our users’ demands. We now provide:

Classroom subscription with substantial discount (license is required for each seat plus instructor).
Student Subscription for $25 a year!
Fixed term plans at Professional and Premium levels.

We will maintain the 15 day trial of VOSON Professional, in that way new users testing the software can access a fully featured version.

Because we are very committed to make VOSON the best online analytic tool, we are working on a new version with improved features and new data sources, that will be released next year.

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