New! VOSON Activity Unit (VAU) Packs are now available

We're happy to announce that VOSON Activity Unit (VAU) Packs are now available for Professional and Premium VOSON subscribers. VAU Packs add VAU to your existing monthly allocation, allowing you to run larger (or more) crawls and perform more analysis on your collected data.

If you're a Professional subscriber, this means that you don't have to upgrade to a Premium subscription just to run one particularly large crawl or analysis. And if you're a Premium subscriber with heavy crawling and/or analysis requirements, VAU Packs give you the resources to run even larger jobs.

VAU Packs come in units of 100 VAU and 1000 VAU, and are available from the pricing and subscription page. A VAU Pack of 100 VAU is USD 10, while a VAU Pack of 1000 is USD 30. Each pack is valid for one month from time of purchase, and you may purchase as many VAU Packs as you need, as often as you need!

We hope that you enjoy this new VOSON product from Uberlink--many users have requested this opportunity in the past, and we're delighted to provide it. Happy crawling!


-- The Uberlink Team