Please fill out the following information so we can provide you with a user account. We receive a lot new account requests from spammers so please provide enough information to enable us to judge whether you are a real person wanting to do real work using VOSON. Registering with your organisational email address (e.g. university, company) is helpful. Also if you are able to provide a URL for your organisation that is also helpful. If you register using a generic email address (e.g. gmail, hotmail etc.) and do not provide reasonably informative answers to our questions, then you can expect it will take a while for your account to be approved (if you don't hear back from us within 48 hours then it is likely you didn't provide enough information - please contact us at

On completion of the registration process you should receive an auto-generated email saying that your account application is pending approval. If you do not receive this auto-generated email please check that your email spam filter is not rejecting emails from the domain. If you are having any problems with registering (e.g. haven't received an auto-generated email response), feel free to contact us directly at