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VOSON+NodeXL retired on August 31, 2016

Dear VOSON+Node XL users:

From August 31, 2016, Uberlink has ended support for VOSON+NodeXL. Note that it is always possible to analyze VOSON data within NodeXL, by exporting hyperlink data from VOSON as graphML format, and then importing it into NodeXL.

We will keep the VOSON+Node XL forum for future reference, however no new discussion will be supported.

Software announcement: retirement of VOSON Data Provider for NodeXL

Dear VOSON+NodeXL users:

As we mentioned in our Newsletter, changes in the underlying user model of NodeXL have required us to end VOSON access from within NodeXL, effective 31 August 2016. From that date forward, hyperlink networks cannot be created or displayed 'directly' from within NodeXL.

However, if NodeXL is your preferred tool for analysis, you can still export networks from VOSON and load them into NodeXL, as the exporting formats are compatible.

Can not import DLL file?

Dear all,
I recently install NodeXL and everything was fine, but when I tried to install plugin VOSON (I put the DLL file in folder called NodeXL_plugins in document folder), something went wrong. Everytime when I open "Data->Import->Import Options in the Excel ribbon", the "Browse" button in Import Data Options dialog box is inactive, so I can not import the VOSON DLL file. Please help me with this issue. Thanks


NodeXL subscription [question from user]

The following is an abridged version of question asked (via support ticket) by a VOSON user:

I have been using Voson and NodeXL.  I wanted to install NodeXL on my work computer and it is asking me for an subscription key.  Do we have to pay this subscription as well as Voson monthly subscription?

It just doesn't work (besides login)


I am trying to make this work, but looks like there is no way. I have Nodexl Pro, I installed the Voson web importer, but when I try to search something in the "search" line I receive this message:

"Failed to locate method (searchforseeds_backend_uberlink) in class (vosondata2) at /usr/share/perl5/SOAP/ line 2837"

So is Voson actually useless?

thank you