The DataBrowser is the 'hands on' area to examine the results of a crawl in a VOSON database, or to manipulate results in a VOSON Analysis database. Each website is displayed along with a wealth of categorical variable data, text data, Social Network Analysis statistics, and other pertinent information. The DataBrowser may be sorted according to any of these data, columns may be drag-and-dropped, and both text and URL data can be searched.

Yes! VOSON can visualise an "ego" network (Minimum Spanning Tree map), an entire network (Force-Directed Graph map), qualitative text (Concept map), and network hierarchies (Hierarchy map). Each map type has numerous options for e.g. undirected vs directed networks, node size by category, node colour by category, and for some maps even the creation and visualisation of subnetworks just by clicking on network nodes! Every map can be panned and zoomed.

In VOSON maps can be panned and zoomed using the mouse. Panning is accomplished by clicking and dragging within the map area, while zooming is performed by scrolling with the mouse wheel. On the iPad, multi-touch gestures accomplish the same thing--hold and drag with one finger to pan, and pinch/expand to zoom.

VOSON has built-in 'responsive' technology for touch devices, and is supported for Mobile Safari (iPad). Future improvements will add Android tablet support (note that VOSON may already work on Android, but some functionality may not be available). Due to the small screen size, we'd recommend against using VOSON on the iPhone.

Absolutely. VOSON can export data in a variety of formats, ranging from CSV (for e.g. Microsoft Excel & OpenOffice spreadsheets, etc.) to GraphML, to Pajek. Please see VOSON's Services page to access the User Guide for further information (note that you must be a registered user to access the User Guide).

Please see VOSON's Services page to access the User Guide, which describes the export options for network maps in detail (note that you must be a registered user to be able to access the User Guide).