VOSON positively rated as hyperlink analytics tool

The VOSON software was favorably reviewed as part of a study on digital media analytics tools. The study titled “Decoding Publics: a Review of Digital Media Analytics Tools” was conducted by academics of the News & Media Research Centre at the University of Canberra. The report consists of the evaluation of 15 widely used digital media analytics tools, including Issuecrawler, Webometric analyst, Twitonomy, NodeXL, Hootsuite, and Google Analytics, among others.

From a user experience perspective, the report provides ratings evaluating different dimensions of the analytics tools, such as cost, ease of installation, complexity, possibilities, presentation of results, alternatives and personal impressions.

Under the category of Hyperlink Analytics tool, the VOSON Software obtained a score of 16 out of 20. The summary by the authors: Mathieu O’Neil and Daniel Kelley, described VOSON as a “powerful tool” which “rewards the user with very comprehensive and impressive data and analysis”.

VOSON was also identified by the authors as a versatile tool in terms of features for data process and analysis, leading the category of alternative tools reviewed. In the evaluation, the dimension "complexity" received a lower score, which provided us with the necessary feedback to improve VOSON’s user experience and learning curve.

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