VOSON 2.5 now available to all users!

We are very excited to introduce VOSON2.5 - a major upgrade which incorporates valuable feedback from VOSON users. VOSON 2.5 is now available to all users, with the option to extend it to an all-new feature, Twitter collection!


  • Scheduler --Schedule a collection by specifying a search criteria (e.g., a hashtag, user '@' handle, etc.) and start/end date for your collection.
  • Collection status --VOSON automatically starts your collection at the specified time and you can see the status of the collection in the Show Databases window. You will receive update when your collection has finished and another when the VOSON database as been generated.
  • Databrowser --The Databrowser displays Twitter-specific data, such as Twitter handle, country locations (where available), number of followers/friends, Tweet payload etc.
  • Network analysis -- Visualize networks based on reply, mention or retweet ties.
  • Text analysis -- Frequency analysis of words and wordpairs from Tweet payloads, and visualization of word relationships via Concept Maps.

Simplified workflow

  • One database for all actions --There is no longer a distinction between voson and voson-analysis databases, making VOSON easier and more efficient to use.
  • Database schema --Modifications to networks, such as changes to edge type and node pre-processing, is much easier via the Database Schema page and database refresh feature.
  • More flexibility with database naming --Database names can be longer and can contain special characters and Unicode text.
  • All VOSON 2.0 features are still available! -- VOSON features such as network export, node pre-process tools, analysis tools (e.g. crosstabs, network maps and SNA) are all in VOSON 2.5.

Along with all the software development work, we have prepared associated documentation to help guide you through the transition.
For detailed information of VOSON 2.5, please read the Userguide.
Find here FAQs regarding the transition to VOSON 2.5.
Find here FAQs of VOSON+Twitter.

Get the most out of online social networks with VOSON 2.5!

The Uberlink team :-)

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