Uberlink re-connects with the Canberra startup community

After successfully operating as a Canberra-based technology company over the past 7 years, we've decided it is time to re-connect with the local startup environment. Uberlink is now a member of Entry 29, a co-working space for entrepreneurs and startups.

Uberlink's CEO, Dr Rob Ackland recalls: "Right from an early stage, Uberlink was connected to the Canberra startup scene through the InnovationACT Program, in which I participated in 2009. This is how I met Hamish Hawthorn (now a Director at Uberlink) who was my business mentor in the program, and Uberlink received valuable feedback on diverse aspects of the company such a business model and commercialization strategies."

While Uberlink has been keeping in touch with the Canberra innovation scene, occasionally attending Canberra Innovation Network events, we have never made use of the Entry29 facilities.

Uberlink will continue to run a "virtual office", with staff and directors located in Canberra, Brussels and San Francisco, with our Canberra-based staff now working out of Entry29.

While Entry29 provides the advantages of a physical office space, including meeting rooms and other facilities, partnering with Entry29 will also help Uberlink to re-connect with the startup community, providing a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and current knowledge, as well as expand our networks within the Canberra tech and innovation scene.

"We plan to get the most out of our move into Entry29, and also become active contributors to the growing Canberra innovation environment." the CEO says.

Find us at Entry29!
The Uberlink Team

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