Uberlink releases VOSON 2.5

The latest version of VOSON includes simpler workflow and real-time streaming Twitter networks and text.

Canberra, June 22, 2017

Uberlink has recently released the latest version of their SAAS, developed by researchers for researchers, to collect, analyze and visualize networks of hyperlink, text, and now: Twitter data. VOSON makes it easy to access and quantitatively analyze online data, allowing users to monitor and understand how people, organizations, brands, events and issues are connecting online.

The service is designed to integrate all research functions in one software, including tools for data collection, data preparation, data analysis and network visualization. Among the analysis tools, the application provides Social Network Analysis calculations, network visualization and crosstabulations. Data manipulation features provide control for unit of analysis (node/tie schema), preserve, prune or group data (node preprocessing), and the ability to include user-generated variables (coding).

As the software was built for social and network science, the major focus is on the quality and accuracy of the data. VOSON presently provides access to the Twitter firehose via GNIP (the free public Twitter API is limited in terms of how much data can be collected and how far back you can collect). The Canberra-Brussels based company notes while full access to streaming Twitter data is available via VOSON+Twitter extension, historic Twitter data collection and other data sources are on the roadmap.

VOSON also provides export extensions that are compatible with other platforms used for analysis and network visualization such as Gephi, R and other statistical software.

“10 years ago, VOSON started as part of a research project at the Australian National University. With over 2,500 users worldwide, VOSON is going strong -- as witnessed by the considerable number of academic publications using it from diverse fields, and its high usage rate as an empirical tool for hyperlink and text data collection, data preparation and analysis.” said CEO and Founder Dr Robert Ackland.

VOSON 2.5 is now available to all registered users. To sign up for an account, visit the Uberlink site. Free and tiered services are available. VOSON+Twitter requires upgrade. For more information, visit the website www.uberlink.com.

About Uberlink Corporation:

Uberlink Corporation is a tech company with staff in Canberra (Australia), Brussels (Belgium) and San Francisco (USA). It was founded in 2010 by Dr. Rob Ackland (CEO) and Dr. Jamsheed Shorish (CTO and Director) initially to host, develop and commercialize the VOSON software, one of the main outputs of the Virtual Observatory for the Study of Online Networks research project based at the Australian National University. Right from an early stage, Uberlink was connected to the Canberra startup scene through the Innovation ACT Program, where Hamish Hawthorn (now a Director at Uberlink) provided business mentoring.

Uberlink provides software (VOSON), analytics services and data analytics reports for gaining insights from online networks. Uberlink specializes in the quantitative analysis of relational data from the web and social media channels, involving empirical web research methods and technologies.

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