Uberlink releases Twitter Analytics Service Demonstration Dataset

About one year ago, we publicly launched the Twitter Analytics Service (TAS). With the Twitter Analytics Service, Uberlink provides the ability to access real-time streaming and historical data from Twitter’s Enterprise API platform, GNIP, and create a variety of social networks (complete with statistics) based upon connections between Twitter users.

Various researchers have utilized this service to study network behavior and interaction on a range of topics, including the use of Twitter streams covering the U.S. Presidential debates (Michigan State University), the U.S. Presidential election (Northwestern University), the Antivax movement (Federation University and ANU), and conversations of advocacy groups and Australian politicians in Twitter (ANU).

As some researchers have contacted us requesting a demo, we are now making the package available via Github. The dataset is constructed from Twitter activities (tweets and retweets) either authored by a sample of Australian advocacy groups or mentions/retweets by other users. Data were collected in 2015. Uberlink processed the data into formats that produce networks (GraphML) and text (JSON) along with a "re-hydrated" version of the data ready for the analysis via third party software.

The repository contains a TAS demonstration dataset, and associated Perl and R scripts for working with the data. Instructions are also available.
You can access the repository here, download a zip file and start working with it.
We hope you enjoy!

The Uberlink team

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